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Design Your Own Retainer
We offer a large variety of removable appliances designed for retention or minor tooth movement. Choose from many fun designs like; Camouflage, Zebra, Watermelon and Baseball just to name a few.

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ControlRx® Great Protection. Great Taste.
ControlRx® Provides Maximum protecton for fighting cavities. ControlRx® is a prescription toothpaste with a safe, yet effective dosage of fluoride that is almost 5 times the strenght of over-the-counter brands. it is also the only prescription toothpaste that contains Microdent®, a patented plaque fighting agent.

PerioMed™ Fights Gingivitis, Periodontitis & Tooth Decay.
Daily use of PerioMed, along with the treatment provided by your Dnetal Professional, will help reduce gum inflammation, control bleeding gums, help reduce sensitivity, aid in remineralizaton, and provide protection from tooth decay.

Vanish® The Only 5% Sodium Flouride White Varnish
Traditional fluoride varnished leave an ugly yellow color on patientsí teeth. Vanish® 5% NaF White Varnish all but disappears after application, setting the new standard in fluoride varnish therapy.

toothprints® The Dental ID for Safeguarding Children.
Toothprints is a arch-shaped thermoplastic wafer that you soften in hot water, then place on the patientís lower arch. The child bites into the wafer for 50 seconds in the same manner as a bite registration taken for prosthetics or orthodontics. After allowing a 2-3 minute cool-down period in the plastic bag provided youíll have a permanent bite impression.

Opalescence Tooth Whitening System
Well, if you're looking for the longest lasting, highest strength whitening systems available, start by asking your Orthodontist for their Opalescence line of products. The Opalescence products available through your Orthodontist are not available retail. They are professional strength and therefore, require the supervision of a dental professional.